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17 Dec 2010

RIP delicious?

There has been a whole lot of chatter on the interwebs re: the future of delicious.com since yesterday, starting with a Techcrunch story and spilling over onto HN, Twitter, ReadWriteWeb, etc.

We now have an official blog response about this story, now, about 24 hrs too late. And it doesn't dispel the idea that Yahoo! actually wants to close Delicious. Instead, it sounds like whitewashing.

This sucks. I've used Delicious to store and share my bookmarks for a very long time, and I'm always surprised when someone mentions that they follow my bookmarks feed to see what I've been reading. (old friends living across the country, etc).

I could stick around, but now that I know the product is being neglected, I'll take my bookmarks elsewhere. Pinboard.in looks like a nice solution.

Old: http://delicious.com/kangas

New: http://pinboard.in/u:kangas

Pinboard is getting slammed with new traffic today, so it will take a little time for that "New" URL to fill out. That's fine by me. I can wait for Pinboard to catch up on the flood of new users.

But I won't wait for Yahoo to EOL Delicious. I'd rather leave on my own terms, thank you very much.