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01 Sep 2009

Nice small Daylife plug

Very nice plug for me and my employer here. Thanks!

Top 10 Lies Newspaper Execs are Telling Themselves (simsblog.typepad.com)

Lie #3: Aggregators are killing my business

No they’re not.

This one drives me nuts. Don’t blame Arianna, Tina, Larry and Sergey or all those Tweeple out there. If anyone killed the newspaper business as we knew it, it was Craig Newmark.

People making this argument always forget that newspapers can be aggregators too. As I asked earlier this week, why is there no HuffPo equivalent in the UK?

You don’t even need humans to do the aggregation. Daylife, Evri, Inform et al will do it for you and in the case of Daylife in particular, brilliantly.