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14 Aug 2008

My talk last night at WebTechNY User Group

Here are the slides to a talk I gave last night at the WebTechNY User Group

Google App Engine - WebTechNY Aug 2008 - Google Docs

The audience was mostly HTML/CSS developers, not the seasoned server-side developers that Google's own App Engine docs presume, so my pitch was very introductory-level.

Considering that I finished the slide deck at 4PM and my talk started at 6:30PM, I didn't really want to advertise this much. :) Still, and in spite of it being August, I think we had 17 people in the audience. Several folks peppered me with some very astute questions. Privacy, whether to trust Google to our data, was a big concern. I told them my personal opinion on the matter -- but I am not a lawyer, so please use your own judgment.

I met Ashod, the founder of the WebTechNY user group, at the NYC App Engine "hackathon" back in (May?). He was enthusiastic but seemed a bit out of his element, so I tried to help him. I must have impressed him somehow as being an expert, so this talk is the result. :)