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10 Apr 2008

Hello again. What's this blog about?

It's been a while since I've written anything for this blog. Sometimes I wonder, "what's the point of writing?" But I had a point, once. Let's review, for your sake and mine.

Hi, I'm Matt Kangas. I live in NYC and I call myself a "technical internet entrepreneur". That's short for: veteran of many internet startups, usually in a tech-lead/programmer role. The most well-known of those was Yahoo! HotJobs, which I left in 2005. The least well-known was probably my search startup, BusyTonight.com. (It's offline now. Sorry.)

For the longest time, I subscribed to Marc Andreessen's reason for not writing a blog: "I don't have the time or ego need". But then he started writing a blog after all -- and it's quite good!

So let's write. But to what end, and to whom am I writing?

I don't sit next to anyone in a cubicle. These days, I mostly work from home. But aside from the soul-sucking homogeneity of cube farms... one thing I miss about not being in an office is the conversations! We had a great team at HJ NYC, and it was so easy to bounce an idea off the guy in the cube next to you. To ask Alex about a research paper he just found. To kill a few minutes playing the Atari 2600 at Tom's desk. Or to plot our next step in world domination.


I loved chatting with those folks on a daily basis. But now we're scattered at places like Google (in Alex's case), AOL (in Tom's case), RightMedia (Max, Dave, Leland), and a bunch of smaller places. Like my living room. :)

So that's what my blog is about - chatting with colleagues. Strong ideas and good times. I will write as if I'm writing to my old friends, and I hope they tune in. But you, dear reader, are a colleague of mine too if you wish.

Welcome to the virtual cube farm. :) Now let's fire up my old Vectrex and show that Atari 2600 what a real game system is like!