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07 Mar 2008

Ack! Gibberish posts in my blog!

Dear readers: If you're reading one of my blog feeds, you may have seen some awfully off-topic posts lately. They're not my posts!

I just noticed this, and immediately went to complain to Typepad (my blog provider). Right on their "Open a Help Ticket" page they say:

On March 6, 2008 we experienced a brief problem with our feed service on TypePad. Some TypePad users were affected, where another blog's entries appeared to be coming from their feed. We've corrected the problem and feeds are now rendering correctly, but your readers may still see these incorrect entries in RSS reading applications (like Google Reader). We're very sorry for the confusion this issue may have caused you and your readers -- and we're working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again

Some of the off-topic posts I'm still seeing in my Atom feed:

These are all posts on Letters from Kamp Krusty, by some fellow in South Florida.

Sorry for the inconvenience!