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09 Jan 2008

Wikia search: more insider details

Someone from the Wikia team finally came up for air on the Lucene mailing lists. It was Dennis Kubes, and aside from being really busy (as one might expect :), it sounds like they're trying to do the right things for the open-source community: publish their improvements back to the community, etc.

lucene-java: Dennis Kubes, "Re: Wikia search goes live today" (Nabble archive)

An interesting detail:

"Also the social networking functionality, named foowi, will become its own open source project (probably with an apache license)"

"foowi", I like it! :)

Whilst searching Nabble for this to share, I happened upon an earlier message by Dennis asking about Wiki search, "Is anybody here working with that project or planning on working with it?". I can only assume that Jimbo Wales pinged Dennis personally sometime after Mar 25, 2007. :)

nutch-user: Dennis Kubes, "Wikia Search Engine? Anyone working on it?"